Cybersecurity Month: Be Scared or Be Prepared


Photo: eDiscovery Team

It’s the week of Halloween and, when it comes to cyber crime, are you scared or prepared?

Cyber crime continues to rise and 2014 is shaping up to paint a dismal picture of the current state of cybersecurity.

For example:

  • This week, the White House computer network was breached by hackers.
  • Earlier this year eBay admitted hackers had managed to steal personal records of 233 million users.
  • P.F. Chang  suffered a huge data breach last month that compromised customer payment information over the summer.

Criminals are after data that can be sold on the black market and they often target personal identifiable information (PII), which can cost your business profits, fines and a loss of reputation. Every company is a potential target and no company is beyond reach.

Take the time to secure your enterprise.

Many organizations recognize that the risks are real and are increasing their spending on information security. However, many corporate executives are unsure about the effectiveness of their information security programs.

At Sword & Sword, we take a balanced risk management approach. Being compliant does not mean you are secure. And being secure does not mean you are invulnerable. We can help you become compliant and secure and can help you plan, design, and implement ongoing monitoring needed to detect and deal with problems early.

As Your Partner for a Secure Future, stewardship is our commitment to you as a most valued component of our relationship. Sword & Shield consultants will test the effectiveness of your information security program using our steadfast methodology built on open source technology, providing a reliable and cost-effective solution.


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