CyberSecurity Month: Detect Cyberattacks Early

Detect Cyberattacks EarlyThe amount of time between a cyberattack and its detection can save your business thousands in damages. Read on to learn how to detect cyberattacks early.

Today’s monitoring and detection strategies call for rapid innovation and extra diligence. No one likes to think they will be the victim of a cyberattack or fraud, but it happens every day to companies of all sizes. The new reality companies face is that no one is beyond reach and everyone is a target.

Many computer security breaches occur today because of the time lag between discovery of a vulnerability and installation of security patches. Patching schedules of diligent IT administrators can sometimes add three months to the vulnerability window through which malware can be injected into the network.

According to a 2013 Ponemon Institute and HP study,  and sponsored by HP Enterprise Security Products, the cost of cybercrime incurred by a benchmark sample of US organizations was $11.56 million, with a range of $1.3 million to $58 million. This represents a 78 percent increase since the initial study was conducted four years ago.

Early detection measures assist in neutralizing cyberattacks and threats before damage is done.  Detecting cyberattacks or fraudulent activity within the first 24 hours makes a significant difference to your business.

Sword & Shield’s Managed Security Services helps you quickly, easily and cost effectively deploy all the security controls you need to detect, analyze, log, monitor and react to threats, ensuring that your most important IT assets are always protected and our Data Breach Threat Analysis takes a “snapshot in time” to help you profile real-time attacks, determine their origin and intent and detect malware and viruses that may already be on your network.

The systems, technologies, and processes for equipping your organization for early and accurate detection of threats can be complicated. Relax! We have done the hard work for you.

Sword & Shield specializes in the planning, design, and implementation of ongoing monitoring to detect and deal with problems early. That means peace of mind for you.

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