When Connecting to the Internet of Things, Don’t Forget to Secure Mobile Devices

Our world is becoming increasingly more mobile.mobile-forensics

We are no longer tethered to a desk or in front of a television, but are free to work and play from nearly anywhere in the world from hand-held and other mobile devices.

And, with the concept of the Internet of Things to use sensors to connect our refrigerators, our cars, our TVs and our heart monitors to the Internet, enterprise organizations are relying more on mobile applications to offer increased convenience and services to their customers.

But, in the zeal to embed sensors into a plethora of devices and bring them onto the network, these organizations may be creating a limitless set of new threat vectors.

The IoT, by definition, is virtual, instantaneous and highly mobile, but most companies are just now discovering they don’t have a handle on the security risks that smartphones and other mobile devices produce.

Mobile devices have overtaken the personal computer as the communications tool of choice because they are the most efficient, cost-effective and flexible option – and they are the option people can keep in their pocket for ready use.

According to a recent Infonetics Research survey, nearly three-quarters of the organizations that participated in the survey are building a comprehensive strategy for providing security for unmanaged or unmanageable IoT devices connected to their enterprise networks.

Cyber thieves go where the money and the people are, so it’s no wonder that Android mobile malware increased by more than 75 percent last year, according to The New York Times.

There are currently more than 16 million mobile devices that are infected with malware. Organizations need to consider this when allowing connectivity to their business networks.

So, while companies should continue to provide their customers and employees with convenient solutions that help them easily connect to the IoT, they should not skip developing an IT security posture the embraces mobile technology.

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