EDGE2016 Offers Continuing Education Credits

Many business leaders say they struggle to find time to stay up to date on the rules and regulations they must follow to maintain compliance.edge-e-only

Regulatory agencies continuously make updates, making it a full-time job for business owners to keep up with the changes.

In addition, cyber criminals are always inventing new ways to hack into business systems, making the security of an organizations data and networks a constant target.

At the EDGE2016 Security Conference, it is our mission to educate our attendees on responsible enterprise security practices.

EDGE2016 Security Conference is the inaugural offering of the annual EDGE Security Conferences presented by Sword & Shield Enterprise Security, Inc. EDGE2016 is focused on exploring real-world solutions to today’s toughest cybersecurity challenges. Dedicated to advancing the security industry through comprehensive world-class sessions, EDGE2016 is designed to educate business professionals and encourage information security professionals to openly discuss the issues that are facing their industry to foster a community of creative problem solvers.

If your organization needs compliance training that requires Continuing Education Credits (CEUs), you can earn up to 16 Continuing Medical Education (CMEs), Continuing Learning Points (CLPs), Continuing Professional Education (CPEs) credits and up to 1.6 CEUs at the EDGE2016 conference.

EDGE2016 has compiled everything you and your employees need to know, including:

  • A deeper dive into compliance regulations such as HIPAA and PCI
  • What to do when a data breach has occurred
  • Reducing the risk of a data breach
  • The products and services available to help you secure your data while remaining compliant

Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of the educational promise of EDGE2016.

For a full list of knowledgeable speakers and topics, visit the EDGE2016 agenda.

Get The EDGE.

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