“Track” Your Success at EDGE2016

At EDGE2016, we’re bringing in some of the best and brightest names in the business to discuss a variety of topics that affect business leaders as they’re making decisions on how best to protect their proprietary data.

Insider Threats


ObserveIT CEO Michael McKee will discuss “How to Build an Insider Threat Program in 30 Minutes.” People are at the core of your business, but they’re also responsible for 90 percent of security incidents. McKee will show you how to reduce the likelihood of insider threats by involving the right processes, people, and technology.

tony-rucci-webInformation International Associates, Inc. Director of Information Security and Threat Intelligence Programs Tony Rucci will discuss “The Unwitting Threat… Hacking the Human.” Regardless of how much you spend on enterprise security, there will always be the “human in the loop.” Recognizing that every organization has its own unique challenges and obstacles, there will never be an end-all, be-all security solution for protecting critical infrastructure.

Healthcare Data Management

karen-clark-webOrthoTennessee CIO Karen Clark will discuss “Five Things Senior Management Needs to Know about Protecting Healthcare Data.” This session is designed for senior level healthcare executives and will cover the five major areas of concern for health data security and give attendees a high-level overview of the tools available to mitigate risks.

Retail Data Management

justin-bornhoeft-webCellular Sales Information Technology Business Manager Justin Bornhoeft will talk about “Simplifying PCI with End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) in a Large Retail Environment.” Many organizations that process credit card information are moving to E2EE and Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) to reduce PCI scope and shrink consumer credit card exposure. Bornhoeft will discuss how these solutions not only reduce data breach risks, but also provide better protection for consumer privacy.

Threats to Government and Public Utilities

betsy-woudenberg-webIntelligenceArts Founder and CEO Betsy Woudenberg will discuss “Power Plays: Russia, Ukraine, Crimea, and SCADA.” When the electric grid in Ukraine suffered multiple outages in December 2016, an analysis from industry experts and the U.S. government pointed to a hostile Russian cyber-attack. Woudenberg will walk you through the incident and the forensic evidence and then look at the big picture. Could this type of attack happen here?

tim-flowers-webTim Flowers, a trial attorney at the Department of Justice’s Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS) investigates relevant provisions of the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA), how companies can work with law enforcement after experiencing an intrusion and the DOJ’s use of its prosecutorial powers to bring network intruders to justice.

Advanced Security Techniques

graham-holmes-webCisco Director of Advanced Security Initiatives Group Graham Holmes will discuss how the backbone of today’s products and services are increasingly being built on open source software. Many organizations rely on open source hypervisors and protocol libraries such as OpenSSL and NTP, but recent discoveries have rippled throughout the industry, impacting numerous products, causing customer concern, news headlines and raising questions about the security integrity of critical software components. What are the sources of these vulnerabilities and how can development teams mitigate or manage risks?

fred-cobb-webSword & Shield Vice President of Services Fred Cobb will speak about “Making the Case for Adopting Open SAMM,” a framework to help organizations design and put into practice a strategy for software security specific to the risks their organizations faces. This discussion should be of interest to companies that have software development shops in-house or who install software that could affect the security of sensitive data.

These are just a sample of the many topics EDGE2016 speakers will cover over the two-day conference. The event features track sessions with speakers from a variety of industries including healthcare, retail, manufacturing, banking and finance, the legal industry and government.

The conference will pair business leaders with IT security professionals for real discussions on pressing issues and to solve real-world data security problems.

To view the complete agenda, please visit the EDGE2016 website. You can also register for the event while you’re there.

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