The Human Touch Makes MSSP Work

make MSSP work for youCybersecurity experts say that blending human security expertise with technology-based solutions will be one of the bigger technology trends in 2017.

Hiring a sufficient cybersecurity team can be both time consuming and costly. Companies that only use technology cannot make snap decisions. Instead, innovative solutions call for providing software and people – much like Sword & Shield’s Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) program.

Sword & Shield’s Security Operations Center currently has a team of dedicated employees who work around the clock to provide our clients with top-notch security logging and monitoring.

Our analysts are professionally trained and hold advanced security certifications, but they also include military veterans, mathematics and physics buffs, former student government officials and community leaders who provide your company with mature decision-making skills.

Our team can:

  1. Identify Gaps: We can provide the security controls you need to plug gaps and expand visibility.
  2. Provide Security Intelligence: Our experts have the experience and knowledge to protect against threats.
  3. Manage Data: Our SOC employees provide analysis about and respond to security threats 24/7.
  4. Respond to Incidents: Sword & Shield’s certified analysts quickly provide tailor-made responses to the threats that can harm your company.

With no long-term investments in equipment or applications required, our MSSP is a low-cost/high-value service that is purchased as a subscription rather than a complex capital expenditure.

In general, MSSPs are an extension of a company’s IT department. A good MSSP looks at your firewall, anti-virus and patching, but also ensures your company has a holistic outlook by recommending appropriate technology and the implementation of policies and procedures to keep your data safeguarded.

Our MSSP is tailored to meet the needs of our customers’ networks, which means deployments involve a single location or multiple locations worldwide and are scaled to meet the changing needs of computing and network environments.

Let your team focus on your business while Sword & Shield’s highly skilled staff of certified consultants ensures the safety of your data.

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