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Sword & Shield in alliance with the NSGA

Through the new alliance with Sword & Shield, take advantage of NSGA member-only discounted rates for highly sought after cybersecurity solutions.

Think your business is too small to interest an aspiring hacker? Think again. Most cybersecurity breaches affect businesses with less than 500 employees.

Start Securing Your Data Today

The first step small to mid-sized businesses can take to start protecting their data is a risk assessment. A risk assessment will help your company determine what is at stake. Sword & Shield uses its in-depth reports, which feature detailed remediation steps, to clearly identify and describe critical vulnerabilities, and to provide a customized roadmap that leads an organization to a secure state.

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Small to Mid-Sized
Companies are at Risk

According to a 2013 Verizon report, of the 621 confirmed data breach incidents recorded in 2012, close to half occurred at companies with fewer than 1,000 employees, including 193 incidents at entities with fewer than 100 workers.

For bigger organizations, a breach can be damaging, costing them lost profits, fines and reputations. But for smaller organizations, a data breach can be fatal. Banks do not give small businesses the same protections they give consumers, leaving many smaller companies on the hook for all of their losses.

Even larger businesses, which have invested more heavily in cybersecurity, grapple with the uncertainty that they are using the most effective methods possible to combat all aspects of cybercrime.

“NSGA recognized that what companies needed to help protect themselves from data security risks is complex and potentially costly,” said NSGA President and CEO Matt Carlson. “We saw an opportunity to be able to step in and help mitigate the costs associated with information security and to find a comprehensive solution for our members.”

As a result, NSGA spent months vetting cybersecurity companies to find the best possible provider at the most cost-effective price. The solution came when NSGA met Sword & Shield Enterprise Security, Inc.

Providing Cybersecurity Peace-of-Mind for NSGA Members

Sword & Shield - Logo“We are pleased to work with NSGA to offer cybersecurity solutions to their members,” said Sword & Shield President and CEO John McNeely. “Our new alliance will allow us to provide education to NSGA members on the risks and needs of cybersecurity and help to provide the most relevant,cost-effective and personalized support for their everyday security needs.”

~ John McNeely, Sword & Shield President and CEO