You Can Be Both Compliant and Secure

It’s no big secret that some of the big-name companies whose customer data was breached had met compliance standards prior to the

That’s because being compliant can sometimes lead companies into believing they’re also secure.

The data security experts at Sword & Shield recommend that organizations use their industry compliance regulations as a security starting point – a prescriptive direction – but warn it should not replace the detailed security strategies all companies need in order to maintain a secure profile.

Both the Payment Card Industry (PCI) and HIPAA regulators have widely discussed the difference between security and compliance in forums addressing those issues. However, merchants and hospitals continue to experience breaches at an increasing rate because many don’t have mature security programs and consider compliance merely a “checkbox” activity that has to be done so they aren’t slapped with a fine.

Compliance requirements may only provide you with a list you have to meet but the organization providing those standards doesn’t have any knowledge of your organization’s data and computer networks. Being secure requires companies to tailor their compliance standards specifically to their organization.

Sword & Shield security experts have the business and security expertise to help your organization right-size your security needs to meet the compliance requirements, as well as outline a program to secure your organization’s data.

Data security is crucial to all organizations. You need to know what data you have, where it’s located and how to secure it.

At Sword & Shield, our philosophy is whether your business needs are compliance driven or security driven, building effective protection strategies takes a balanced risk management approach.

Be prepared to fight against the vulnerabilities and threats to your business mission. Helping companies defend against cyberattacks, fraud, and all forms of malware is what we are all about. We know you can’t do it all on your own and we can help.


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