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Apr 2018

Discovering Digital Identity Using IP Addresses

As a response to numerous questions from some of our legal clients regarding IP addresses, we’ve compiled the following information: In the physical world, we have many attributes to determine our identity: phone number, social security number, driver’s license number, etc. However, in the online world, there is often an assumed level of anonymity. Someone can develop an Internet pseudonym, post defamatory information to a...

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Mar 2017

Digital Forensics Tips for Real-World Enterprises

Learn how to protect your organization with these digital forensics tips. Most everyone has some familiarity with digital forensics. After all, we’ve seen CSI Cyber, right? For the record, that isn’t really how it works. For starters, we do not complete investigations in less than sixty minutes. In addition, we aren’t that attractive and we prefer to work in well-lit rooms. Regardless, what is true...

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Jun 2016

Are You Focusing on the Wrong Threats?

You’ve probably been breached already. No kidding. So, instead of focusing on the wrong threats, you should “assume breach” and begin to collect the data you’ll need to help you prevent further attacks. In other words, assume that your average security controls are inadequate to stop a breach and concentrate on limiting the damage a hacker can do once (s)he is inside your network. For...

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Jun 2016

Digital Forensics Spending Expected to Double by 2021

Cybercrime. Terrorism. Insider Theft. These are three reasons why digital forensics spending is expected to more than double from just over $2 billion in 2014 to nearly $5 billion in 2021. According to the Transparency Market Research study, the “ability to recover complex data from electronic devices, fingerprint recovery from metals and DNA profiling” are driving market growth. The report says costs are going down as a...

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Aug 2015

Figuring Out Inside Threats

Just a few short years ago, an employee walking out of the building carrying boxes of sensitive company information would have raised a few eyebrows and subjected that employee to some questioning. But, these days, when many employees are plugging in their various mobile devices to company computers as the course of business, how can you be sure that worker isn’t downloading intellectual property to...

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May 2015

Breaches Happen.

Are you Prepared for a Breach? You get a call from the FBI that your company’s computer network has been breached and some of your customer data has been compromised. After catching your breath from hyperventilating, the next thing you should do is realize that you’re not alone. You aren’t the first company to suffer from a breach and yours won’t be the last. In...

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Apr 2015

Have I Been Hacked?

After working in digital forensics for more than two decades, it is common to receive a call from a potential client who thinks they have been “hacked.” After a few minutes of conversation, a “paranoid client” meter can quickly become active. If it reaches a predetermined threshold, we systematically walk through the technical aspects required for this to be realistic and provide an honest assessment...

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Jul 2013

Businesses Should Constantly Monitor Point-of-Sale Threats

Because a local restaurant’s computer server was hacked and its customer’s credit card information was stolen, it’s important for business owners to remember to be diligent in routinely monitoring the applications that are running on the Point-of-Sale (POS) systems. Businesses also need to implement controls that prevent unknown applications, such as malware, from executing. On Monday, Wild Wing Café in Turkey Creek confirmed that their computer server,...

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Jan 2012

Attorneys: Be Aware When Reviewing Emails in Outlook

We are well aware that the use of Microsoft Outlook to review email is a convenient and low-cost method to review small volumes of email. However, this method is laced with potential issues that just aren’t worth the risks – and there are risks. This article addresses some of these risks to hopefully encourage the use of better technology to review email, or at least...

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Jun 2011

The Details of Digital Forensics

What is Digital Forensics and What is it Not Before we begin, let’s dispel a myth or two about digital forensics: digital forensics is not what you see on CSI. For starters, you cannot power up a computer with potential evidence and begin pilfering through the information. Those actions will modify and destroy evidence potentially preventing admissibility into court (Attorneys: remind your clients of this). Secondly,...

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