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Sword & Shield explores the latest malware news and reports on protecting your organization from malware threats.

Make sure you understand the vaporworm threat, fileless malware threats, and Windows malware persistence mechanisms. Be aware of new cybercrime threats such as crimeware-as-a-service and how data is being weaponized.

Learn from our cybersecurity experts how to use application whitelisting to stop malware and the importance of using defense in depth in the cloud.


Apr 2019

Understanding the Vaporworm Threat

Malware is constantly evolving as attackers develop new and more sophisticated variants to bypass or defeat enterprise network security defenses. In recent years, fileless malware has made headlines due to its ability to circumvent many of the protections used by traditional antivirus solutions. In 2019, the vaporworm threat has emerged as the next evolution of malware, combining the subtlety of fileless malware with the scalability...

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Dec 2018

Using Application Whitelisting to Stop Malware

Phishing attacks are one of the most common methods attackers use to breach organizational defenses and gain access to the network. In many cases, the purpose of the phishing attack is to execute malicious software on the target computer. Developing and enforcing an application whitelist is one way organizations can dramatically decrease the threat these phishing attacks pose to their corporate cybersecurity. This article explains...

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May 2017

Not Patching your Agency’s Networks Can Make you WannaCry

While the US government has confirmed that none of its networks were effected by last weekend’s WannaCry ransomware, a recent presidential executive order could help make federal agencies more accountable for their cybersecurity even as it sets unrealistic deadlines. Over the weekend, WannaCry exploited a Microsoft Windows vulnerability to shut down computers in 150 countries. Microsoft had issued a patch for the vulnerability in March,...

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