National Cybersecurity Firm Expands Managed Security Platform

Perimeter defense and cyber deceptionSword & Shield Enterprise Security announces 24/7 perimeter defense and cyber deception services

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. Feb. 7, 2018 – Sword & Shield Enterprise Security, a leading national cybersecurity firm based in Knoxville, Tennessee, now offers a proactive, transparent approach to significantly reduce unwanted network traffic and throw hackers off the scent with its new perimeter defense and cyber deception services.

Sword & Shield offers these services through its nationally-recognized managed security services, which provide 24x7x365 cybersecurity protection of its clients’ networks.

Reducing unwanted network traffic by up to 70 percent, perimeter defense filters out the “noise,” significantly enhancing the ability to detect intrusions. In turn, cyber deception delays an attacker, providing valuable time to gain an understanding of and respond to a breach. In fact, highly regarded Gartner Research has named cyber deception as a top technology and recommends using it behind the enterprise firewall to better detect attackers that have penetrated an organization’s defenses.

“Perimeter defense and cyber deception will enhance our managed security services and help us continue to provide top-notch data protection, even in today’s intensifying threat landscape,” said John McNeely, president and CEO of Sword & Shield Enterprise Security. “These services, powered by PacketViper, reduce risk by weeding out the ‘noise’ created by large volumes of unnecessary data and deter cyber criminals by leading them away from valuable information. This provides us and our clients with a clearer picture of the threat and more time to consider how best to respond to it.”

These services also include customized reporting, analytics and forensics to ensure customers have the most up-to-date insights into their environments.

Benefits of Perimeter Defense and Cyber Deception

Other benefits of Sword & Shield’s new perimeter defense and cyber deception services include:

  • Increased compliance with regulatory standards
  • Real-time threat intelligence based on your network activity
  • Optimized SIEM and firewall performance
  • Protection against flooding and DDoS

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About Sword & Shield Enterprise Security

Protecting critical data for more than 20 years, Sword & Shield Enterprise Security, Inc. is a nationally recognized cybersecurity provider with solutions designed to meet the needs of a dynamic security and compliance landscape. Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, Sword & Shield specializes in security, risk and compliance assessment, managed security services, enterprise security consulting, security incident response and forensics, and technical solutions. Sword & Shield services a broad spectrum of industries, including healthcare, retail, legal, banking and finance, manufacturing, and the public sector.

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