With EDGE2016 Comes the Birth of a New CyberSecurity Conference

EDGE2016 received accolades from attendees, speakers and vendors and promises to usher in a new annual cyber security conference in the Southeastern United States.

“EDGE2016 has been a tremendous success for Sword & Shield, and from PacketViper’s perspective, being one of the first two diamond sponsors – ever – of EDGE2016, we couldn’t be happier,” said PacketViper Chief Revenue Officer Ken Wolf. “PacketViper absolutely will be back at EDGE2017 next year at the Knoxville Convention Center. My favorite part was the blend of people Sword & Shield was able to bring together. It was a terrific mix of business people, IT people – and on the IT side – networking people and security people and I saw that across, not only the attendees, but the speakers, as well.

Attendees and speakers also Tweeted their approval of the new CyberSecurity conference:

See the coverage of the event below:

Knox News: Cybercrime is “greatest threat to our national security”

WVLT: Knoxville hosts EDGE2016 Security Conference

For more videos from the event, please visit the EDGE Security Conference Facebook page or EDGE2016 on Twitter.

EDGE2017 is planned for Oct. 17-18 at the Knoxville Convention Center. To register now for the conference, please visit the registration page.

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