‘Tis the Federal Buying Season

Just 44 Shopping Days Left

At the risk of causing a widespread panic amongst our sales agents, Sword & Shield Federal regrets to inform you that there’s just 44 days left until the end of the federal buying season.

However, you don’t have to fret because we’ve got some tips to help you make it through Sept. 30.

SEWP-Federal-Buying-SeasonSword & Shield Federal NASA SEWP V Program Manager Anna Mitchell said the first step sales agents should do is review our SEWP V and NITAAC CIO-CS ordering guides for a list of helpful contact information and process instructions.

Mitchell said the SEWP Office will extend ordering hours and will also allow contract holders to submit more than two Technology Refresh (TR) requests daily in order to keep up with demand.

“Make sure you check your emailed requests more often,” she said. “Check for more opportunities or late opportunities frequently.”

Sales agents should:

  • Look for modifications and make sure they have the latest modification
  • Pay attention to all attachments to make sure you understand the request
  • Pay careful attention to when quotes are due. Many quotes will be due at odd times and on short notice

CIO-CS-LogoMitchell said sales agents should contact Sword & Shield Federal immediately if they don’t have all the information they need from their vendor or if they have any security requirements to meet. These issues will need to be resolved before any quote is posted. She added that sales agents should also contact the Federal team within 24 hours of any order acceptance or awards.

This year, we have added a full-time customer service representative and a new 800 number to help sales agents with pre-sales, quotes, awards, orders and general questions.

Sword & Shield Federal Vice President Raymond Kahre also said the federal division will be more pro-active in pre-sales guidance this federal buying season.

“Sword & Shield Federal has more tools to assist with acquisitions,” he said. “If our sales agents have questions and can’t get through to the contracting officer in a timely manner, let us know. If our office can help you with anything to make the process easier, send us your comments, suggestions and questions.”

We also will extend our hours and representatives will be available after hours to provide sales agents with assistance. Follow us on social media at Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn to see updates, announcements and information regarding the federal buying season.

Happy Selling!

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