The Human Touch Makes MSSP Work

make MSSP work for youCybersecurity experts say that blending human security expertise with technology-based solutions is a positive trend.

In-house teams struggle to understand and defend against the latest security threats because this requires constant system monitoring. However, hiring a proficient cybersecurity team can be both time-consuming and cost-prohibitive.

Conversely, companies that only use technology cannot make snap decisions and often don’t have the expertise to implement and use the software optimally.

Instead, keeping up with today’s security landscape calls for providing software and people.

An established managed security service provider (MSSP) strategically identifies, learns and implements best-in-breed technologies, then becomes experts in each of them on your behalf. This combination of technology and brain power serves to fulfill the roll of the MSSP; to effectively monitor your network(s), proactively address potential issues, and quickly respond to problems. Technology streamlines tasks and frees up analysts to focus on complex problems that require deeper human analysis and affords the experts the opportunity to be more innovative.

MSSPs are a comparatively inexpensive way to provide around-the-clock expertise and ideally serve as an extension of a company’s IT department. This service provides a team of experts who employ their depth and breadth of knowledge to ensure your systems are fully optimized, properly configured and maintained at all times.

An MSSP can combine advanced technology with expert human analysis, enabling an enterprise to cost-effectively strengthen its security posture.

An MSSP can also provide levels of technology and expertise that create “defense in depth,” or multiple layers of security controls that defend each other. This involves a comprehensive approach to securing critical assets, networks, and information systems while implementing robust defenses against hackers, viruses, and other online threats. Defense in depth recognizes that today’s environment is one increasingly beset by blended threats that target the vulnerabilities of isolated security products. As a result, companies must adopt a deep, integrated strategy that addresses security at all tiers. It is this strategy that an MSSP can help execute.

Let your team focus on your business while Sword & Shield’s highly skilled MSSP staff and best-in-class technology ensures the safety of your information.

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