Mid-Sized Businesses Improve Cybersecurity with vSCC

Managed_SecurityMost business owners today realize they need a comprehensive data security strategy to protect their proprietary information and the personal data of their employees and customers from a variety of cyberthreats.

So, while large businesses like Target or Home Depot can afford to hire a team of cybersecurity experts and/or pay to repair the damages done after a security breach occurs, a mid-sized business can’t always find the resources to combat these issues.

A mid-sized company is left to either pay the price for the cybersecurity experts or pay the price of a data breach – and neither are cheap. In fact, as many as 60 percent of smaller businesses that fall victim to cybercrime go out of business within six months because they can’t absorb the costs.

A virtual Security and Compliance Consultant (vSCC) can help to alleviate some of the concerns a mid-sized business might have regarding cybersecurity without draining the budget.

A vSCC offers a portfolio of services that provide SMBs with access to an entire team of security professionals when they need one.

Most small businesses don’t keep an attorney on staff: they pay a retainer for access to the attorney’s expertise as they require it. Paying to access a security professional is similar in that you get the experience you need for a fixed monthly cost.

But more than just an economical and convenient way to keep an expert on staff, a vSCC can help guide your cybersecurity posture.

Whether you need that expert to fill gaps, assess your security posture and make recommendations, help you meet industry compliance regulations or assist in developing your entire cybersecurity program, the vSCC is an option many mid-sized businesses can’t afford not to consider.

A vSCC can also:

  • Provide recommendations for technology expenditures
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures
  • Develop and deliver security and compliance training
  • Develop security and compliance roadmaps to provide guidance on closing security gaps

The vSCC combines the flexibility of an outside consultant with a dedicated, named individual who can work with your staff, your network and your policies.


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