MobileIron Helps Federal Agencies Secure Mobility

mobile-iron-lgoLate last month, the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) Mobile Services Category Team issued a new report that outlines 12 mobile-device issues it believes federal agencies will face as the government becomes more versatile.

These topics include issues like identity management and threat protection. Agencies must make strides in securing their mobile networks like providing Continuous Monitoring and secure, mobile 5G networks.

Sword & Shield Federal partner, MobileIron, enables federal agencies to create an agile and secure infrastructure that supports a multi-device, multi-OS environment.

MobileIron works to:

  • Secure Agency Devices
  • Secure Sensitive Apps and Content
  • Mobilized Field Operations; and,
  • Support for Bringing Your own Devices (BYOD)

Read more about MobileIron’s government solutions here.

To see how Sword & Shield Federal can secure your mobile network, please call us at 800-860-0075, email us at or fill out a consultation request.

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