Businesses Should Constantly Monitor Point-of-Sale Threats

Image for Our Feedburner FeedBecause a local restaurant’s computer server was hacked and its customer’s credit card information was stolen, it’s important for business owners to remember to be diligent in routinely monitoring the applications that are running on the Point-of-Sale (POS) systems.

Businesses also need to implement controls that prevent unknown applications, such as malware, from executing.

On Monday, Wild Wing Café in Turkey Creek confirmed that their computer server, “was breached by an outside source,” last week. The restaurant was alerted after a number of customers had fraudulent charges hit their bank accounts. The company said they alerted the Knox County Sheriff’s Office and has called in their own technology team to fix the breach.

With the majority of all financial transactions now electronic, financial thieves now have a safer approach. Rather than the risks in robbing a physical bank, financial fraud can now be performed from anywhere in the world. Each time we ‘swipe’ our debit and credit cards, that information is electronically transferred to the banks for approval. While there are mandates from regulatory bodies that the financial information is encrypted for protection, there are still areas where the financial data is vulnerable.

It is these areas that financial fraudsters focus their attention on sophisticated malware that captures and transmits the financial data to attackers in near real-time.

Sword & Shield Enterprise Security provides retailers with data breach threat analyses, risk assessments, incident response services and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.

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