An MSSP Can Help You Stay HIPAA Compliant

Stay HIPAA Compliant

The Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights is beginning its second phase of audits, promising hundreds of limited-scope desk audits covering hospitals, healthcare providers, health plans and business associates.

But getting a handle on your HIPAA compliance requirements can be daunting when you’re trying to run your business, as well.

That’s where a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) can jump in to accelerate and simplify your HIPAA compliance management.

In today’s regulated business environment there are many compliance requirements that must be addressed in order for businesses to avoid potential fines and penalties associated with non-compliance.

A company has to first know where its assets are located in order to be HIPAA compliant.

In addition to discovering your IP-enabled assets, Sword & Shield’s MSSP does the following:

  • Identifies vulnerabilities as a result of missing or unpatched software, a step required under the HIPAA Security Rule
  • Correlates your security events
  • Detects threats already in your network and understands the objectives of those threats
  • Helps you remediate your alerts while monitoring and reporting on security controls required for HIPAA compliance
  • Assures you that all aspects of your company’s security and compliance needs are being addressed

Beyond meeting HIPAA requirements, healthcare companies should approach their compliance needs with an eye on data security: being compliant does not mean you’re secure.

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, healthcare organizations suffered 42.5 percent of all the breaches identified in 2014 and experts say that number will rise in 2016 as that data becomes more valuable and as more health organization move to electronic records from physical ones.

Let Sword & Shield manage the security of your network, while you manage your business. Call us at 865-244-3500 or email us at to see how.

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