Managed Security: Easing the Overworked IT Administrator

Today’s IT security environment requires that companies place more duties on over-worked system administrators to handle digital security issues alongside their daily activities of network operations.

But how do they work it into their daily routine along with everything else they have to do?

For far too many, their only options are firewalls or complicated applications. They very rarely get their hands on commercial detective tools that can assist them in the logging and monitoring that is so crucial to preventing breaches and recovering from them quickly should they occur.

Many rely on a variety of complex technology to achieve this goal without realizing there is a simpler solution.

“In a very basic sense, the ultimate goal of a network operations administrator is to keep the company from losing money as a result of poor infrastructure performance or downtime,” said Ash Wilson in this AlienVault blog post. “The goal of a security practitioner is to protect the company against financial loss through data corruption or theft and service outages as a result of malicious activity. So it’s ‘prevention of downtime’ and ‘protection of data’. These two goals do seem to converge. Since these are twin and complementary goals, wouldn’t it be nice if the tools to achieve them were similar?”

Sword & Shield’s managed security services solution brings those goals together and can take these burdens off the backs of your operations staff while still keeping you alerted and informed of events and vulnerabilities. Our team has taken the AlienVault platform and built our services around this unique tool.

AlienVault USM and OSSIM offer all of the network security monitoring technology needed to monitor the availability of network operations and we do the rest. Your team will have access to our security and compliance experts, leaving you time to perform your regular duties. Because the service is an operational expense, you are also unburdened of purchasing new equipment to keep up with emerging technology and/or renewing licenses annually.

For more information about this service or to discuss it with a managed security services expert, please fill out a consultation request. We look forward to easing your burden.

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