MSSPs Need the Human Touch

MSSP needs human touchHacking has become commercial. As a result, the quality and variety of cyber threats in existence has grown significantly. While traditional, signature-based detection mechanisms have been effective in the past, they don’t scale well and new threats like fileless malware threaten to make them obsolete.

On the bright side, cybersecurity researchers and developers have been working to improve the variety and quality of cybersecurity tools to address the most common threats an organization can face.

Even so, it’s the people, processes and procedures working in conjunction with the technology that truly protect an organization. This is the reason MSSPs need the human touch to make them work.

Why Tools Aren’t Enough

Most cybersecurity tools are designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Many are designed as “one-click” installations with attractive dashboards. This allows users to monitor and aggregate different sources of data. But are the tools enough on their own?

One of the biggest problems with “all in one” cyber toolkits is that every environment is different.  This makes proper configuration of the appliances difficult since where the tool is located on the network can have significant impacts on the type and quality of data it produces.

Something as simple as running a vulnerability scanner inside and outside the organizational firewall can produce very different results. The wrong choice can create a false sense of security.

Security appliance vendors do their best to design their products for all use cases. However, the difference between a “good” fit and a “perfect” fit can be the difference between succeeding in and failing to prevent a cyberattack.

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), tools are definitely getting smarter. However, the effectiveness of these systems is based upon the quality of the data that they use to train on and build their models. This means that either the developers have to build training data sets perfectly tooled to your environment or that you can guarantee that nothing malicious is already present in your environment.

If these assumptions aren’t met, it’s likely you will have to contend with a large number of false and missed detections.

The Human Touch

The limitations of the tools is why the human element is so essential in cybersecurity. While most information technology (IT) professionals can set up and configure the available software, knowledge and experience are necessary to tune them the right way. Otherwise, you can never be certain if an alert is a genuine threat or an indication that the setup is flawed.

The other limitation of tools is that they often answer only the what and not the who, how, or why questions.

If you run most vulnerability scanners against your network, they’ll give you a list of the vulnerabilities present on your systems and their relative levels of severity. What they don’t do is fix the vulnerability, determine if the vulnerability has been exploited, and other questions that are essential for the security of your business. For that, you need a cybersecurity professional with the knowledge necessary to look at and understand the scan results and their implications, then apply expertise to fix the problem.

Why MSSPs?

Humans are necessary for every stage of an organization’s cybersecurity operations; however, the cyber skills shortage means that most organizations do not have the ability or resources to retain the necessary talent in-house.

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) help to alleviate the impacts of the cyber skills gap by providing organizations with the tools and resources they need to ensure the safety of their organization.

With an MSSP, organizations have access to both the best cybersecurity tools available and the knowledge and expertise necessary to deploy, maintain, and operate them effectively and efficiently.

Sword & Shield Enterprise Security partners with you to provide expert turnkey 24x7x365 data protection from our SOC 2 certified security operations center (SOC). Our team of human experts analyzes dozens of different environments across various industries, giving us (and you) a complete picture of the threat landscape to help protect your network. We employ this depth and breadth of knowledge to ensure your systems are fully optimized, properly configured and maintained at all times.

Request a consultation to get started today, or download our e-book, “Utilizing a Managed Security Services Provider vs. an In-House Solution” to help you decide between the two options.

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