Need Help with HIPAA? Call an MSSP.

managed-securityBecause healthcare data contains so much personal – and lucrative – information, breaches into medical organizations’ networks are now the most common cyber-attack IT security professionals see.

Healthcare organizations need to diligently monitor the security of their networks from both a regulatory perspective and from the perspective of what is considered best security practices.

When government incentives first led healthcare organizations to adopt electronic healthcare records – Meaningful Use – more than five years ago, many of these organizations were simply ill-prepared to invest in data security technology, according to one expert.

Privacy breaches had little effect on the revenue stream at the time, so there was no economic incentives to do more than simply check the boxes required to meet HIPAA regulations. Many healthcare organizations still do not have a holistic data security policy.

But a Managed Security Services Provider can jump in to accelerate and simplify your HIPAA compliance management while ensuring you’re also maintaining the most comprehensive security posture possible. Being compliant does not always mean your data is secure.


  • Discovers your IP-enabled assets
  • Identifies vulnerabilities as a result of missing or unpatched software, a step required under the HIPAA Security Rule
  • Correlates your security events
  • Detects threats already in your network and understands the objectives of those threats
  • Helps you remediate your alerts while monitoring and reporting on security controls required for HIPAA compliance
  • Assures you that all aspects of your company’s security and compliance needs are being addressed

Shrinking IT budgets and ever-increasing security threats put many healthcare organizations in a bind so the fact that an MSSP provides expertise with no long-term investments in equipment or applications is a plus.

Nearly three-quarters of healthcare organizations have suffered some kind of data breach or security incident over the past year and can be fined up to $1.5 million per year for serious security incidents – and that doesn’t include the cost associated with losing patient trust.

Don’t fall victim to these increasing threats, let Sword & Shield’s MSSP help you prepare by providing you the right tools, expertise and vigilance. Call us at 865-244-3500 or email us at

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