Planning a Strategic Security Posture

strategic security postureBattling one cyber-attack crisis after another is not only draining for your IT staff, it’s also unproductive and could end up costing more in the long run.

Why is Having a Security Posture Important?

That’s why experts say long-term planning to achieve a strategic security posture is a better option for your organization than simply dousing the fires lit by hackers as they pop up. This allows IT professionals to prioritize projects in order to fill the most pressing needs first.

“Without a plan, you simply start reacting to every little thing that happens on your network,” said Sword & Shield Vice President of Services Fred Cobb. “Decision makers need to see how strategic planning helps them reach business goals. Planning for a secure future help these decision makers formalize processes to reach these goals and plan a remediation strategy.”

Cobb said one of the first steps is to have a Strategic Security Assessment (SSA) to provide visibility into the state of your current security posture.

What is a Strategic Security Assessment?

An SSA can tell you everything about your security environment and what your organization is doing – or not doing – to safeguard your systems and comply with the regulations your industry requires. The SSA incorporates a holistic approach to identifying potential vulnerabilities in your company’s overall cyber security program, from hiring practices to physical and network security.

It examines the current state of your organization’s security and compliance programs and then helps you plan a roadmap that will chart the path to a more secure and compliant future.

An SSA assessor will review:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Staff Training Programs for Privacy and Security Awareness
  • Data Governance and Data Classification
  • Risks
  • System Architecture
  • Business Continuity Plans
  • Incident and Breach Response Plans
  • Specific Regulatory Compliance Requirements
  • Service Agreements for Cloud Services Review

And once the plan is in place, the staff can concentrate on business development instead of wondering when and where the next crisis will appear. There will be a crisis, but the process for dealing with it has a remediation plan instead of a patchwork of guesses.

Sword & Shield offers a variety of Enterprise Solutions for your organization. Request a consultation to see how we can secure your networks so you can concentrate on building your business.

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