Remember Mobile Devices Security in Your Network Plan

Do you remember the days when business was conducted without a cell phone, tablet or other mobile gadget? Mobile devices security was the last thing on companies’ minds.

Mobile Devices Security

What once was deemed a mere status symbol of convenience is now the preferred way to keep in touch with customers and access business-sensitive data.

Today, employees expect access to company resources. But allowing employees to use their personal devices and managing corporate devices comes with a daunting mobile devices security challenge.

This explosion in mobile accessibility has attracted the attention of cyber criminals who see the failure of some businesses to properly secure their employees’ BYOB (Bring Your Own Device) or other smart devices as an easy target.

But a mobile device is just a computer – and needs to be secure and compliant just like your desktop computer.

Mobile devices often contain and have access to as much sensitive information as computers and laptops. However, it is much more difficult to protect these devices from being lost or stolen. While the lost USB drive previously caused the most fear, statistics show that lost and/or stolen mobile devices cause greater concern.”

While allowing employees to work from multiple locations and have access to corporate data helps organizations compete, the lack of a mobile security policy can result in weak passwords and little to no anti-virus/malware protection which can create issues – it’s a hack waiting to happen.

According to reports, 57 percent of mobile users were unaware that security solutions existed for mobile devices. Researchers say a lack of education among users is partly to blame.

Every organization that enables BYOD needs a mobile device security policy so that there are guidelines about who can use mobile devices to access corporate information and what they can do with it.

Sword & Shield can help you develop mobile devices security policies. Fill out a consultation request to start the conversation today.

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