RSA White Paper: Authentication Assurance for Today’s Federal Worker

Recent breaches to the federal government’s IT systems have shown that our adversaries were able to access networks and remain on them for substantial periods of time. This has proven costly to address and caused incalculable damage to our national security and the mission of the federal government. These incidents have shed a stark light on the weakness of single-factor authentication.

Today’s federal workforce depends on an ever-expanding technology ecosystem for its day-to-day work needs. Federal employees access on-premise and cloud infrastructure; use mobile devices that can be issued by the agency or BYOD; access IT infrastructure; communicate with IP-enabled devices that have their on identity consideration; engage with citizens and other constituents on social media and other third-party managed platforms; and use an impossibly large and ever-changing number of applications.

In this white paper, Sword & Shield Federal products partner RSA explores new approaches that are cost-effective, easy-to-deploy and support how today’s federal employees work.

Click here to read: Authentication Assurance For Today’s Federal Mission and Workforce

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