Securing Your Future with Strategic Security Assessments

Businesses Need Strategic Security Assessments

You’ve read about the breaches. You’ve seen other companies lose their reputations and financial standing after a cybersecurity attack. You understand that the safety of your company’s data is tantamount to your business’s secure future.

But, where do you start?

Strategic security assessments tell companies everything about their environment and what their company is doing – or not doing – to safeguard their systems and comply with the regulations their industry requires.

“A strategic security assessment is more holistic in nature than the average security assessment – it’s all inclusive,” says Sword & Shield’s Director of Enterprise Security Solutions and Healthcare Compliance Services Fred Cobb. “We look at everything from an information security perspective that potentially could affect the security posture of a customer’s operational environment.”

Cobb said his team reviews a company’s security policies and procedures in addition to reviewing system administrator functions. This includes Windows Active Directory best practices, patch management strategies, logging and monitoring solutions, the use of cloud storage solutions and other cloud services.

The team also reviews an organization’s security awareness training, workforce clearance, data governance, data classification processes and strategic planning, and can determine if a technology spend is necessary from a security perspective.

The assessment can also review virtualization technologies in use, such as VMware Citrix Zen and Microsoft’s Hyper-V, with a security hardening mindset.

Mapping Security Policies to Regulatory Compliance

Strategic security assessments also match a company’s security policies with their regulatory compliance. Assessments are based upon the requirements of the regulatory body that necessitates the compliance.

Cobb said his team starts this in-depth procedure by getting to know the client during an interview process. Then they use a variety of security tools and look at existing artifacts, such as network diagrams and other documentation, before making final recommendations that can range from remediation, roadmaps, data leakage prevention and/or mitigation.

“This is much more than a firewall audit or an IT test,” he said. “We come in and tell you everything you need to know about your network and how to plug all the holes.”

To learn how Sword & Shield can help you start building your security posture with a Strategic Security Assessment, please request a free consultation.

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