Simple Mobile Technology Security Advice

Follow our simple mobile technology security advice for staying protected while always connected.

When people spend an average of 162 minutes a day on their mobile phones, staying protected while you’re always connected can become a daunting task. It’s important to understand mobile technology security in order to protect your personal and professional data.

mobile technology securityHackers can use the websites you visit, can email phishing attacks to your mobile device and can even use the apps you download to claim your personal information.

Mobile devices are proving to be a vital source of information and are often requested in forensics investigations.

Mobile devices are the most personal technology to date: they’re in the pockets, and in the faces, of nearly everyone.

But there are some mobile technology security tips to help you protect your phone – and your personal information – from hackers:

  1. Lock Your Phone. Keying in a four-digit password might be a hassle when you’re rushed, but isn’t an extra two seconds worth it if it protects your data?
  2. Only Download Apps from Trusted Sources. Use well-known app sites and always read the app’s privacy policy before you download it.
  3. Log Out After You Make a Payment. You should do this on a computer and on your mobile device.
  4. Back up Your Data. Backing up your data not only helps you keep track of your data, it protects it from ransomware and targeted attacks.
  5. Be Careful About Confirming Dialogs. Many companies introduce adware when you download their products and then default to the “yes” checkbox on the dialogue screen, which goes unnoticed. Some of these downloads create an open door for hackers.
  6. Update your Operating System. Periodic updates not only provide new features, but also keep security software up to date.
  7. Avoid Giving out Personal Information. That text may look like it’s from your bank or credit card company, but it may not be. Double check with your financial institutions before handing over personal information.
  8. Protect Your Hardware. Mobile users lost 200,000 devices last year, along with the information on those devices. Purchasing a mobile security package can help offset the cost and installing a mobile security app can help you locate, lock and/or wipe your phone.

Sword & Shield has mobile technology security experts that can help you navigate your company’s mobile security needs through our mobile forensics services. Request a consultation to see how we can partner with you to secure your future.



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