A Strategic Security Assessment Helps Reveal Your Security Posture

As a result of the many large and damaging data breaches that have graced the headlines of the news over the past few years, many business owners have just now come to the realization that they don’t have a good understanding of how all the security pieces of their company puzzle fit together.

Getting Started with Cybersecurity

Knowing how to effectively protect your clients’ personal data and your own intellectual property from internal and external threats while still getting the most out of your current investment is a hard juggling act.

But Sword & Shield Vice President of Services Fred Cobb says a Strategic Security Assessment (SSA) can help you determine your best course of action.

“This is a top-down, soup to nuts look into every aspect of your organization’s people, processes, and technology as it relates to protecting your organization’s information assets including proprietary information and/or other sensitive data,” he said of the service. “All areas of your cyber and physical security are reviewed. We go deep into areas such as virtualization performance and security, server hardening, endpoint protection, security training, risk management, cloud services, active directory maintenance, operating system and critical application security best practices, firewall rules review,  security events logging and monitoring capabilities and much more.”

What a Strategic Security Assessment Can Tell You

A strategic security assessment can tell you everything about your security environment and what your company is doing – or not doing – to safeguard your systems and comply with the regulations your industry requires.

“Do you have a disaster recovery plan, incident response plan, or business continuity plan? On a more technical level, do you have a system dependency or system criticality matrix?  What do your vendor agreements say in regards to SLA’s and or protecting your sensitive data? What do you do when someone leaves abruptly that has privileged access to critical systems?” Cobb asked. “Do you have a cyber security program? If you have one, does it need to be reviewed? We help decision makers answer these questions.”

Cobb said the goal is to create a holistic security program that goes beyond a traditional vulnerability assessment or penetration test so that business owners can determine the best methods to prevent a breach, protect their assets and reputation, move more quickly in the case of a security incident and recover faster with less damage.

Think you can’t afford an SSA?

Think again.

While conducting an SSA does come with a price tag, not having a security and compliance strategy can cost your company more in fines and loss of reputation. The return on investment (ROI) for a security assessment is the reduction of risk and the protection of your company.

Sword & Shield’s strategic security assessment incorporates a unique approach to identifying potential vulnerabilities in your overall cyber security program. We will examine the current state of your security and compliance programs and provide a Roadmap to Security and Compliance that will chart a path to a more secure and compliant environment.  

Request a free consultation to see how we can secure your future.

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