Tag: Application Security


Dec 2018

Using Application Whitelisting to Stop Malware

Phishing attacks are one of the most common methods attackers use to breach organizational defenses and gain access to the network. In many cases, the purpose of the phishing attack is to execute malicious software on the target computer. Developing and enforcing an application whitelist is one way organizations can dramatically decrease the threat these phishing attacks pose to their corporate cybersecurity. This article explains...

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May 2012

PCI and Mobile Payment Application Security

So far, the world of mobile payments has been a “Wild West”, before the sheriff came to town. The vendors have been making their own rules, though at least a few have been smart, and have prepared for what they guessed would happen. The solution can be expressed in one word: Encryption. As early in the payment process as possible, all the way to the bank...

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