Tag: Cybersecurity


Mar 2019

In Time: Responding to a Cyber Incident

Cyber threat has continued to grow year over year, as made evident by the number and scale of data breaches. Organizations face a variety of cyber threats from large-scale phishing attempts to targeted attacks from cybercrime organizations and hacking groups. When a breach occurs, rapid response is critical. The longer an incident goes undetected and the greater the foothold the attacker can establish within an...

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Jul 2018

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Secure or Not?

Passwords are generally considered to be insecure.  With the sheer number of accounts that the average person has, remembering a password for each account requires weak passwords, password reuse, or the use of technology like a password manager.  Even if someone has good password hygiene, a data breach means that someone’s password could be exposed by circumstances completely outside their control. Two-factor authentication is a...

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May 2018

Using Common Cyber Sense to Stay Secure

Your IT department’s regular pleadings and how-tos about cybersecurity and safety may sound like a broken record, but there are important reasons behind following these practices and advice. Staying secure while connected is not just about how your system is set up by the techs- it is also about how you use it. Here is information security wisdom about using common cyber sense to stay...

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