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Mar 2017

Digital Forensics Tips for Real-World Enterprises

Learn how to protect your organization with these digital forensics tips. Most everyone has some familiarity with digital forensics. After all, we’ve seen CSI Cyber, right? For the record, that isn’t really how it works. For starters, we do not complete investigations in less than sixty minutes. In addition, we aren’t that attractive and we prefer to work in well-lit rooms. Regardless, what is true...

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Jun 2016

Digital Forensics Spending Expected to Double by 2021

Cybercrime. Terrorism. Insider Theft. These are three reasons why digital forensics spending is expected to more than double from just over $2 billion in 2014 to nearly $5 billion in 2021. According to the Transparency Market Research study, the “ability to recover complex data from electronic devices, fingerprint recovery from metals and DNA profiling” are driving market growth. The report says costs are going down as a...

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Jan 2015

Three Things to Know About Modern Mobile Forensics

When digital forensics started many years ago, the computer was “king” for the valuable information we sought for our clients. Times have definitely changed over the past few years. While computers still provide great value in our investigations, mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones are now becoming a valuable asset in many cases. We are finding that mobile devices are proving to be a...

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