Tag: Insider Threats


Dec 2018

Four Ways to Protect Against Insider Threats

Most cybersecurity defenses and strategies are focused on external threats in an effort to make access costlier for a hacker than the value of what they can obtain. However, developing ways to protect against insider threats is an essential part of an organization’s cybersecurity posture. The Internal Threat Landscape Most organizations are focused on the prospect of external threats. Basic security is perimeter-focused, meaning that the primary...

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Oct 2017

Cyber-Hunting the Adlumin Way

Imagine if the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) had the cyber-hunting tools to both detect cyber-attacks in progress and view where the hackers were on its networks in real time. Chances are they could have responded to the 2014-2015 breaches before these malicious intruders snatched the personal information of 22 million federal employees. An upcoming White House report alleges that the OPM is not...

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Apr 2017

Our Experts Weigh in on Federal Insider Threats Prevention

Award-winning federal government contracting expert Mark Amtower recently pegged insider threats as one of the major cybersecurity issues facing the federal government today. Sword & Shield Enterprise Security, Inc. was recently named in a Bloomberg Government report as the federal government’s top insider threat prevention vendor with more than $531 million in total insider threat contract obligations for fiscal years 2012-2016. Sword & Shield recently established...

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Mar 2017

Insider Threats and What They Mean for your Business

Companies are spending more on information security solutions than ever before, but do they know the threats that can come from within their own organizations? While all eyes turn toward the looming information security threats from outside, sometimes the biggest risk is insider threats coming from an otherwise trusted employee. The information in this article originally appeared in a blog post written by Joe Gray, enterprise...

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Feb 2017

Sword & Shield is the Federal Government’s Top Insider Threats Prevention Partner

KNOXVILLE – Sword & Shield Enterprise Security, Inc. is the federal government’s top insider threats prevention vendor, according to an independent Bloomberg Government (BGOV) news analysis published Thursday. From 2012 to 2016, Sword & Shield posted more than $531 million in insider threat market obligations, beating out such competitors as Booz Allen Hamilton, Hewlett Packard and Northrop Grumman, the analysis shows. BGOV defined an insider threat...

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Aug 2016

You are Your Company’s Worst CyberSecurity Threat

The biggest cybersecurity threat to your organization isn’t Russian or Chinese hackers. It isn’t nefarious plots schemed by cyber spies, either. In fact, according to reports, the worst cybersecurity threat to your company’s data loss is YOU. According to IBM’s CyberSecurity Intelligence Index, no less than 95 percent of all data security incidents are triggered by human error: employees who are getting tricked by digital scams....

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