Tag: Penetration Testing


Apr 2019

Understanding the Vaporworm Threat

Malware is constantly evolving as attackers develop new and more sophisticated variants to bypass or defeat enterprise network security defenses. In recent years, fileless malware has made headlines due to its ability to circumvent many of the protections used by traditional antivirus solutions. In 2019, the vaporworm threat has emerged as the next evolution of malware, combining the subtlety of fileless malware with the scalability...

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Aug 2018

What do I do if my Network is Hacked?

7 Steps to Achieving Effective Information Security Incident Response Nobody wants to be hacked, but the only thing worse than having an incident is to have one and then botch the incident response procedures. An incorrect response could allow an attacker to gain further access to your network, fail to completely remove the infection, or render evidence of the incident inadmissible in legal proceedings. By...

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