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Apr 2019

The Weaponization of Data

Organizations collect massive amounts of data about their users. If you have a social media account, think about how much a person could learn about you just by reading your posts. Unfortunately, some organizations have figured this out, too, and use this information to their own gain. Whether a company is selling collected data, or information is illegally obtained from them through a breach, weaponization...

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Jul 2015

Don’t Let Your Laptop Give up Your Patients’ PHI

As more physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers rely on their smartphones, laptops and tablets to perform their duties and access instant information, the risk of becoming a target for cyber thieves increases. But understanding best practices for securing your company’s mobile devices and employing them should allow you to stay HIPAA compliant while keeping your patients’ personal information secure. Many healthcare organizations are unsure about...

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Feb 2015

Report: Cyber Thieves will Increasingly Target Healthcare Companies

Your healthcare company has data – not just any data, but Protected Healthcare Information (PHI). One report predicts the data you have will be increasingly targeted by cyber-thieves who want that information. Healthcare records hold a cornucopia of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that can be used in multiple follow-up attacks and various kinds of fraud. In 2013, 43 percent of all major data breaches involved healthcare...

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