Tag: Ransomware


Sep 2017

Social Engineering Q&A: How to Strengthen Your Network Security

As organizations respond to InfoSec threats by hardening their network security, hackers are exploiting softer targets, such as employees and management, to gain access. According to IBM research, in 2016 about 71 percent of reported cyberattacks in the healthcare industry and 57 percent of cyberattacks in the financial services industry depended on the actions of employees who had unintentionally compromised the network security of their...

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Jul 2017

Reverse Engineering Malware: Using Data Carving in Incident Response

Information security professionals, especially those who serve as “blue teamers” or enterprise defenders, are dealing with an evolving array of malware threats. In the blue team toolkit, one of the most important and difficult techniques is the ability to reverse engineer malware. Joe Gray, enterprise security consultant for Sword & Shield Enterprise Security, writes about his experience learning the techniques of reverse engineering malware using...

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May 2017

Not Patching your Agency’s Networks Can Make you WannaCry

While the US government has confirmed that none of its networks were effected by last weekend’s WannaCry ransomware, a recent presidential executive order could help make federal agencies more accountable for their cybersecurity even as it sets unrealistic deadlines. Over the weekend, WannaCry exploited a Microsoft Windows vulnerability to shut down computers in 150 countries. Microsoft had issued a patch for the vulnerability in March,...

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