Turn Your Employees into CyberSecurity “Specialists”

Cybersecurity specialists

Now that we know our employees are cyber security’s weakest link, what can you do to turn your employees into cyber security “specialists?”

Having a strong data safety culture is one of the first rules for improving your organization’s security practices. This includes having written security policies that have been developed based on your organization’s particular needs.

A Strategic Security Assessment can tell you everything you need to know about your security environment and what your company is doing – or not doing – to safe guard your systems and comply with the regulations your industry requires.

Upon completion of this SSA, you and your security assessor will know, specifically, what works best for your organization and can plan accordingly.

If you fail to inform your employees about these security policies and why they’re important, they can be forgiven for assuming they have no significant role to play in the security of your company’s data.

In order to incorporate your company’s security policies into the everyday work life of your employees, you could try:

  • Humanizing Threats. Teach your employees who hackers are and what their motives may be and why it’s important to keep them out.
  • Thinking Before You Click. Employees should be encouraged to think about security before they open an email, download a file or click on a link. Security should be first nature – not second.
  • Making the IT Team Accessible. If an employee believes they’re just “bothering” IT with their questions, they may avoid asking important ones that could prevent a breach.
  • Shorter and More Frequent Training. Many people can’t remember long, drawn-out, once-a-quarter training classes. Use every opportunity to teach a short, but interesting lesson.
  • Being More Relevant. An employee who is given advice that is relevant to their position is more likely to retain that information.
  • Giving Lessons in Social Engineering. Phishing and attempts to bluff information from employees are the most common methods hackers use to break into your organization’s networks. Show your employees some examples of social engineering and let them know the warning signs.
  • Planning a Reporting System. Employees who see something suspicious should have an easy method for reporting it to their managers or the IT team.

Sword & Shield offers a variety of training programs for our customers and for the community at-large. Please call us at 865-244-3500 or email us at secureme@swordshield.com to help you secure your future.


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