Hiring a vSCC can Protect your Data without Busting your Budget

As cyber-attacks grow, more companies see the need for cybersecurity, but few have the resources to hire someone withBuilding reflection information security expertise.

According to Cisco’s 2015 Annual Security Report, 91 percent of companies have an executive charged with overseeing data security, but only 29 percent of those companies have a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

Many of these executives lack the security background to build a solid cybersecurity plan and execute it, but hiring someone with that level of expertise and experience can bust the budget of most small and mid-market organizations.

A shortage of cybersecurity experts has led to an estimated 300,000 to one million vacant cybersecurity positions because there is no one trained to fill them. This demand, naturally, drives up the salary range for experienced professionals, pricing them out of the budgets of most SMBs.

A smaller company can either pay the price for the expert or pay the price of a data breach – and neither are cheap.

Or, they could think outside of the box and hire a virtual CISO or a virtual security and compliance consultant (vSCC).

A vCISO or vSCC provides a portfolio of services that provide SMBs with access to an entire team of security professionals when they need one.

Most small businesses don’t keep an attorney on staff: they pay a retainer for access to the attorney’s expertise as they require it. Paying to access a security professional is similar: you get the experience you need for a fixed monthly cost.

Whether you need that expert to fill gaps, assess your security posture and make recommendations, help you meet industry compliance regulations or assist in developing your entire cybersecurity program, the vSCC is a convenient and affordable option.

A vSCC can also:

  • Provide recommendations for technology spend
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures
  • Develop and deliver security and compliance training
  • Develop security and compliance roadmaps to provide guidance on closing security gaps

The vSCC combines the flexibility of an outside consultant with a dedicated, named individual who can work with your staff, your network and your policies.

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