Lara Bergman

Lara Bergman is the marketing communications specialist for Sword & Shield Enterprise Security. She is responsible for ensuring the general public is aware of best cybersecurity practices and information security issues through the Sword & Shield blog, social media, newsletter and other public outlets.

Bergman worked as a news reporter for 13 years before beginning a career in technology marketing and public relations. She has reported on cybersecurity for the past nine years.


Feb 2017

The Human Touch Makes MSSP Work

Cybersecurity experts say that blending human security expertise with technology-based solutions will be one of the bigger technology trends in 2017. Hiring a sufficient cybersecurity team can be both time consuming and costly. Companies that only use technology cannot make snap decisions. Instead, innovative solutions call for providing software and people – much like Sword & Shield’s Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) program. Sword & Shield’s Security...

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Jan 2017

Sword & Shield Comes of Age

Knoxville-Based CyberSecurity Firm Turns 20 This Year It all started with John McNeely’s ability to hack into an old Sun workstation to get root access. The action by the current Sword & Shield president and CEO caught the attention of Sword & Shield founder James Goldston’s wife, Sandy, who worked at Lockheed Martin with McNeely and mentioned McNeely’s ability to her husband. “Sandy mentioned the...

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Dec 2016

Experts: IoT Will Be Hacked Again in 2017

It was nearly two weeks before Halloween and nearly three weeks before Election 2016 when millions were denied access to such popular websites like Twitter, Reddit, The New York Times and PayPal. Some thought it was the Russians attempting to hack the election. Others thought it might be an early seasonal prank, but the event that blocked Internet access for large sections of the country...

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Dec 2016

What Direction Will Trump Take on CyberSecurity?

Last week, President-Elect Donald Trump signaled that cybersecurity is an imminent challenge that requires immediate attention by announcing the creation of a Cyber Review Team to provide recommendations during the first 100 days of his presidency. In addition to a focus on trade, energy, regulations, national security and immigration, Trump plans to include cybersecurity as a top priority, but many in the industry believe Trump...

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