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Oct 2018

Minimizing Permissions to Improve Cybersecurity

Minimizing permissions for end user account access by assigning appropriate access levels and setting up account separation is an important aspect of building a cybersecurity program. Admittedly, this can present a challenge in workload and regarding pleasing your end users. The requirement for some users to have multiple accounts increases the burden on the security team for account management. It can also interrupt workflow for...

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Oct 2018

Patch Management: Why it’s Important for CyberSecurity

A good patch management strategy is commonly listed as one of the basics of an organizational cybersecurity strategy. In this post, we discuss the importance of strong patch management and how to implement a good patch management strategy. What Is Patch Management? All software has bugs. Whether these are caused by design flaws or implementation flaws, the sheer amount of code in systems that we...

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Apr 2018

Planning a Strategic Security Posture

Battling one cyber-attack crisis after another is not only draining for your IT staff, it’s also unproductive and could end up costing more in the long run. Why is Having a Security Posture Important? That’s why experts say long-term planning to achieve a strategic security posture is a better option for your organization than simply dousing the fires lit by hackers as they pop up....

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Aug 2017

Petya: Cyber Warfare Deception

By Ryan Ernst The following article originally appeared in the August 2017 edition of Gulf Insider online magazine. “All warfare is based upon deception.” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War Petya versus NotPetya Petya, the global cyberattack launched weeks after the WannaCry ransomware, appeared at first as a new variant of the original 2016 ransomware of the same name.  However, security researchers soon identified...

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Aug 2017

How to Write an Effective Business Continuity Plan

By Teddy Ansink An effective business continuity plan (BCP) is proactive and aims to avoid and mitigate risks associated with a disruption of operations, including ensuring personnel and assets are protected and able to function in the event of a disaster. Due to the importance of this goal, the development of a BCP requires strategic thinking through the recognition of threats and risks facing a...

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Nov 2016

Mid-Sized Businesses Can Efficiently Improve their CyberSecurity with a vSCC

Most business owners today realize they need a comprehensive data security strategy to protect their proprietary information and the personal data of their employees and customers from a variety of cyberthreats. So, while large businesses like Target or Home Depot can afford to hire a team of cybersecurity experts and/or pay to repair the damages done after a security breach occurs, a mid-sized business can’t...

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Aug 2016

Employees Acting as IT? Only the Shadow Knows.

Production – not malicious activity – is often the catalyst behind an employee’s use of unapproved technologies. But the proliferation of these technologies, which are easily downloaded from the Internet or cloud applications, can lead to security and compliance risks for the organization as a whole. Surveys suggest that many employees who download unapproved software or applications are simply trying to be more productive and...

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Jan 2016

A Strategic Security Assessment Helps Reveal Your Security Posture

As a result of the many large and damaging data breaches that have graced the headlines of the news over the past few years, many business owners have just now come to the realization that they don’t have a good understanding of how all the security pieces of their company puzzle fit together. Getting Started with Cybersecurity Knowing how to effectively protect your clients’ personal...

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Oct 2015

Hiring a vSCC can Protect your Data without Busting your Budget

As cyber-attacks grow, more companies see the need for cybersecurity, but few have the resources to hire someone with information security expertise. According to Cisco’s 2015 Annual Security Report, 91 percent of companies have an executive charged with overseeing data security, but only 29 percent of those companies have a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Many of these executives lack the security background to build...

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Jul 2015

You Don’t Need a Fortune to Hire a Security Team

The Anthem breach. The Target hack. And the thousands of small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) owners who thought they were immune to cybertheft but still suffered data breaches are just some examples that show that investing in your network security is important. In fact, it should be as much a part of doing business as ordering stock and paying employees. But, for some SMBs, hiring an entire IT...

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