Social Engineering


Sep 2017

Social Engineering Q&A: How to Strengthen Your Network Security

As organizations respond to InfoSec threats by hardening their network security, hackers are exploiting softer targets, such as employees and management, to gain access. According to IBM research, in 2016 about 71 percent of reported cyberattacks in the healthcare industry and 57 percent of cyberattacks in the financial services industry depended on the actions of employees who had unintentionally compromised the network security of their...

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Jan 2017

Building the Culture to Support a Social Engineering Awareness Program

Sword & Shield Enterprise Security Consultant Joe Gray pens the first of a five-part series for CISOcast, an online resource that publishes peer-reviewed content to help information security leaders meet the challenges of real world problems to help companies build a social engineering awareness program. Today, companies are investing more than ever before on protecting their IT infrastructure. As a response, hackers and, in turn, penetration...

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Aug 2016

You are Your Company’s Worst CyberSecurity Threat

The biggest cybersecurity threat to your organization in 2016 isn’t Russian or Chinese hackers. It isn’t nefarious plots schemed by cyber spies, either. In fact, according to reports, the biggest threat to your company’s data loss is YOU. According to IBM’s CyberSecurity Intelligence Index, no less than 95 percent of all data security incidents are triggered by human error: employees who are getting tricked by...

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Jan 2015

Don’t Click that Link! Have a Back-up Plan to Mitigate Social Engineering Attacks

If you don’t enjoy having your data or your customers’ personal information plastered all over the Internet, then you should consider the initial attack vector that was most likely used to put it there: a lack of understanding about how social engineering attacks occur and an absence of security controls available to minimize the breach. Phishing, pre-texting, baiting and piggy-backing are just some of the social engineering methods attackers use to trick...

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