Aug 2016

Turn Your Employees into CyberSecurity “Specialists”

Now that we know our employees are cyber security’s weakest link, what can you do to turn your employees into cyber security “specialists?” Having a strong data safety culture is one of the first rules for improving your organization’s security practices. This includes having written security policies that have been developed based on your organization’s particular needs. A Strategic Security Assessment can tell you everything...

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Aug 2015

CISSP Training: We’ve Got It

In a world where millions of cyber attacks occur each year, there is a growing need for information security professionals who possess the experience to establish holistic security solutions that ensure the protection of an organization’s assets. So how do you differentiate yourself from other candidates when competing for jobs, promotions and raises? A Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification is ideal for those network...

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Jan 2015

Don’t Click that Link! Have a Back-up Plan to Mitigate Social Engineering Attacks

If you don’t enjoy having your data or your customers’ personal information plastered all over the Internet, then you should consider the initial attack vector that was most likely used to put it there: a lack of understanding about how social engineering attacks occur and an absence of security controls available to minimize the breach. Phishing, pre-texting, baiting and piggy-backing are just some of the social engineering methods attackers use to trick...

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Sep 2012

Security Analyst: Update Network Systems Consistantly to Avoid Attacks

On Monday, cybersecurity agencies urged users of Microsoft’s Internet Exlporer to stop running the browser after finding a “zero-day” vulnerability that could allow attackers to hijack Windows PCs so that the attacker can cruise to malicious or compromised websites. A temporary patch was released Wednesday and a full patch is scheduled to be released today. Sword & Shield Security Analyst Jason Graf spoke with WBIR’s Beth Haynes Thursday to discuss...

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