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Training is an integral ingredient for embracing an educated culture of security and protecting key assets. Giving staff continuous access to security awareness and product training is key to technology adoption. This helps to achieve and maintain a secure and compliant workplace.

Reasons to Attend Compliance and Information Security Training

Training helps your staff to become better and happier employees by empowering them to do their jobs better in the following ways:

Expertise: Training increases the value of your technology department and its ability to apply capabilities to your business needs, and to react quickly to changes.

Vigilance: Training your entire staff on general security awareness and best practices protects your organization and your people from dangerous and costly breaches.

Compliance: Training fulfills compliance requirements for PCI DSS, HIPAA technical safeguards, NIST controls, FFIEC and other frameworks.

What Our Training Expertise Means for You

Sword & Shield, a top information security and compliance training provider, maps security training to your business needs. This empowers you to deliver tailored content to your workforce. Our instructors are subject matter experts who are in the trenches doing this work on a daily basis. They see the real-world effects that lack of training can have on a company and how to avoid them with education.

Types of Compliance and Information Security Training

Sword & Shield offers the following types of training:

Security Awareness Training

This is an important part of an organization’s cybersecurity program. Additionally, many compliance frameworks such as HIPAA, PCI, FFIEC and more require regular security training in order for you to maintain compliance. Sword & Shield offers the following types of security awareness training:

  • General Security Awareness Training
  • Ransomware Defense Training
  • Social Engineering Training

Compliance Training

  • HIPAA Compliance Training: Our HIPAA experts educate you on changes to laws and help you map those changes to their affects on your organization’s compliance.
  • PCI Compliance Training: Our PCI experts educate you on changes to requirements and help you determine how those changes affect your organization’s compliance.

AlienVault SIEM Training

Sword & Shield is a premier North American AlienVault training partner. Our certified instructors deliver classroom or private training, or a combination of the two, based on their deep knowledge of the Alienvault platform.

Modes of Compliance and Information Security Training

Sword & Shield offers our compliance and information security training services via several different modes to ensure we deliver knowledge in a way that best meets your needs.

  • On-Site/Private: Typically provided at your facility, on-site/private training provides a customer-specific focus for four or more students.
  • Classroom: Conducted in a classroom setting, this training allows you to escape the distractions of your office and concentrate solely on learning.
  • Video-Based: Training in the form of a visual narrative in an interesting video format that’s easy for your staff to follow.
  • Cloud-Based LMS: A highly flexible training mode that can be customized to be compatible with your pre existing Learning Management System (LMS) or delivered in a Sword & Shield offered LMS.
  • Live Online: Instructor providing live remote training for a “near in-person” experience.
  • Slide-Based: Static customized content provided as a slide deck.

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