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Sword & Shield helps you mitigate risk through our comprehensive suite of security services. Our partnership with Affenix helps you transfer risk and prevent financial loss with the broadest and most comprehensive cyber liability and data breach specialty cyber insurance on the market today.

Is your existing coverage enough to cover a data breach event?

We often find that organizations think they have coverage through traditional policies like E&O, general liability, or other forms of professional liability when in actuality the coverage amounts in these policies are too low and contain far too many exclusions. This leaves the organization carrying the full brunt of a data breach event. Cyber insurance fills this need.

About Affenix

Affenix cyber insuranceAffenix provides cyber liability and data breach insurance that protects against human error, business processes, regulatory actions, compliance issues, and outside hacking threats. Our thorough understanding of the risks involved in data security allows us to create innovative solutions for the cyber liability marketplace. Risk management is a key component to data breach protection, and that is why we have created an insurance program with real world security in mind.

You’re a Target

The traditional business and healthcare industry sectors accounted for more than half of all publicly validated data breaches between 2005 and 2014. This means it’s more likely than not that your business is a target.

Common Damages Resulting from Security Incidents and Data Breaches

Active Risk Management Program

Sword & Shield has partnered with Affenix to create a cyber insurance program that rewards those companies with good security practices. The idea is simple. By providing the insurer with some degree of assurance on the security state (risk exposure) of your organization and daily security practices around the protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) the insurer better understands the risk being taken on. The result is the most comprehensive coverage possible at the best rates on the market today.

Under the Active Risk Management Program, we can work to lower your premiums for data breach insurance by reducing your risk exposure.




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