Improving Work Institute’s Overall Cybersecurity Posture

Chris Rathermel of Work Institute shares how Sword & Shield’s partnership helped to improve the company’s overall security posture.

In this customer testimonial video, Chris Rathermel of Work Institute explains how Sword & Shield’s information security services help to improve the company’s overall cybersecurity posture and win new customers.

Rathermel says the IT team at Work Institute, an employee engagement and retention company, had tactical items on their radar but needed a long-term partner to strategically improve the strength of their cybersecurity program.

Work Institute chose Sword & Shield for its wide variety of expertise in all areas of information security and compliance. In addition, Work Institute saw that Sword & Shield would be the true cybersecurity partner the business consulting firm was seeking.

Rathermel says one way Sword & Shield was able to go the extra mile for Work Institute was helping to do transparent data encryption with their Microsoft SQL Server so the team could encrypt data at rest.

The overall result for Work Institute is more business.

“One of the greatest benefits we’ve experienced with Sword & Shield is our ability to get those larger clients that we otherwise would not have been able to get with a bad security posture,” says Rathermel.

Rathermel also explains that working with Sword & Shield is like working with a friend, and he likes the low-to-no pressure sales process. He adds that Sword & Shield is there when you need assistance.

“They’re a great partner,” says Rathermel. “It’s a really great choice and I tell everybody that.”

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