Malicious Activity Detection Through Network Threat Assessment

How do you Know you Haven’t Been Breached?

Data breaches are more stealthy and malicious than ever before. Many threats are programmed to remain unnoticed for as long as possible. These are unleashed at an opportune time chosen to inflict maximum damage.

Although signs of the intrusion likely existed before detection, many of today’s sophisticated data breaches go undiscovered for months. In fact, research shows one in 10 breaches discovered in 2016 went undetected for more than a year.

Can you guess what the hackers are doing during this time? That’s right, stealing your data.

The number one network vulnerability in most organizations is unpatched systems. Traditional anti-virus/anti-malware vendors simply can’t keep up with the speed at which online criminals can produce threats.

Breach Detection is the Key

Sword & Shield Enterprise Security’s Data Breach Threat Analysis (DBTA) makes cybersecurity easier for you. Our experts look for and identify previously undiscovered nefarious activity such as malware, dormant ransomware, and data ex filtration of sensitive information.

Sword & Shield partners with you through our DBTA service to identify the nature of the attacks. Then, we determine if there is evidence of an active threat.

Data Breach Assistance

Sword & Shield provides data breach assistance by collecting data over a span of time and using our extensive incident response experience to analyze the results. The DBTA does the following:

  • Profiles real-time attacks being perpetrated against the network.
  • Determines the likely intent of the attacker.
  • Detects malware and viruses that may have already been introduced.
  • Identifies unsecured applications and vulnerabilities.
  • Assesses if a breach has occurred through a known or unknown vulnerability (0-day).

The Sword & Shield Difference

Sword & Shield’s Data Breach Threat Analysis is more comprehensive than other companies’ threat management approach. We conduct this service over a period of time in order to get an accurate assessment of traffic patterns and anomalous activity. Then, we employ our deep product knowledge of the tools we use to analyze the information the data provides.

If you are uncertain your network is safe, a Data Breach Threat Analysis identifies and disrupts threats before they cause damage.

Additional Cybersecurity Services

As a full-service security and compliance firm, Sword & Shield offers a host of related solutions. In addition to the DBTA, you may opt for these related services:

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Data Breach Threat Analysis

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