Digital Forensics

Revealing the unknown. Confirming the suspected.

Sword & Shield is your first call when you need to find critical evidence. We provide digital forensics investigation service, litigation support, and expert witness expertise.


In the majority of matters, a digital forensics investigation provides information that would otherwise go unknown. With our dependency on technology, and the digital traces they contain, this is where the evidence is to answer many of your questions.

With the skill and expertise of Sword & Shield’s certified digital forensics analysts, we uncover the details needed to determine how you should proceed.

Litigation Support

Sword & Shield forensic analysts specialize in providing electronic discovery and forensic investigation services to assist in legal matters. Our approach is to team with the law firms to ensure the needed objectives are met.

Whether electronically stored data is sought in litigation or forensic analysis is needed, Sword & Shield works with legal teams to ensure a sound process to meet the needed objectives while meeting the objectives of the courts.

Expert Witness

The valuable findings in a legal matter require a confident presentation in court testimony. Sword & Shield digital forensics analysts have the courtroom experience and expertise to present findings and deliver relevant opinions on your case.

With experience at both the state and federal court levels, our customers have confidence that the crucial details of their matter are properly handled and presented in the courtroom.

Need help with a mobile device?

Our Mobile Forensics team is equipped to help you find sensitive information on any type of mobile device.

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Our Digital Forensics Process

  1. Consultation – The process begins with a consultation session where we ensure that we provide the appropriate services to suit your needs.
  2. Evidence Collection – Forensic Analysts will work with you to either ship your evidence, or we will come onsite to verify and collect the evidence.
  3. Forensic Analysis – While maintaining the proper chain of custody, we investigate your digital evidence to recover and analyze the information as needed.
  4. Reporting – We will generate a formal report to document the findings of our forensic analysis.
  5. Expert Witness Support – We will provide expert witness testimony pertaining to the procedures and methodologies used in the investigation as needed.
  6. Certifications – Certifications include CCE, SANS, GCFA, and we are licensed certified private investigators in the state of Tennessee.

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