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Cloud Migration Security Planning

Expert assistance with planning for and executing a secure cloud data migration

Cloud migrations are continuing to increase as more and more companies outsource key parts of their infrastructure. While cloud-based systems can save companies money and simplify network operations, they can often disrupt an organization’s data governance strategy.

Data governance methods that worked for traditional on-premises systems simply won’t work for the cloud. As organizations move data to the public cloud, enterprise control decreases and more responsibility falls on the shoulders of the cloud providers. Therefore, organizations must shape their governance strategies to rely less on internal security and control, and more on their cloud provider’s offerings.

Cloud Migration Security Issues

Many companies rely on having control of their physical facilities to frame the critical security and compliance strategies that form the foundation of internal governance. It’s critical to know whether you have “fragile” governance practices, or policies and procedures that may fall short of regulations. Cloud migration security planning services can help you determine what is appropriate for your organization.

Cloud Security Planning Services

Sword & Shield partners with you with our Cloud Migration Security Planning services to assist your company with navigating common issues faced when planning for a cloud migration, including the following:

  • Identifying security controls that must be in place post cloud migration
  • Ensuring that the cloud provider has and can supply the necessary paperwork to prove security and compliance certifications such as BAA’s SOC II, SSAE18, PCI AOC, etc.
  • Creating and/or modifying existing security policies and procedures to account for the cloud services
  • Access control in the cloud
  • Encryption in the cloud
  • Services contracts review
  • Data destruction/reclamation clauses
  • Service Level Agreements, and more

Security concerns are a common deterrent for organizations considering cloud migrations, so it’s important to plan ahead for potential breaches, failover, and disaster recovery. Sword & Shield helps to address your cloud migration security concerns to make this process easier for you.