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As a NASA Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) V and National Institutes of Health (NIH) Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center (NITAAC) CIO-CS prime contract holder, Sword & Shield Federal allows companies to act as sales agents to expand its capabilities in providing IT and IT security products and solutions to federal agencies. We administer a proven program to assist our partners in addition to providing a variety of federal cybersecurity solutions.

Get in Front of Federal Decision-Makers Today

Sword & Shield Federal’s experience in working directly with the federal government under the NASA SEWP V and NITAAC CIO-CS contracts allows you to get the right technology to the right federal customers today.

Our access to these multi-award Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWACs) vehicles focuses on providing commercial IT products and product-based services to the federal government. These pre-competed contracts offer a wide range of commercial technology solutions, including tablets, desktops and servers; IT peripherals; network equipment; storage systems; security tools; software products; cloud-based services; telecommunications; health IT; sensors; video conferencing systems and other IT, communications and audio-visual products. Products-based services such as installation, training, maintenance and warranty and a full-range of product-based services are also available.

Proven Success

We have a 13-year proven process to help you maneuver the logistics of the federal government's procurement chain. We have excellent Contract Performance Assessment Ratings (CPARs) and consistently rank as one of the highest-producing contract holders.

Use our experience to help your company break into the federal IT market.

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