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SEWP V Contract No. NNG15SD90B

SEWP V Contract No. NNG15SD90B


The Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP-V) Contract (NNG15SD90B) is a Government Wide Agency Contract (GWAC) available to NASA, all other United States Government Agencies and authorized government contractors.

Providing world-class network security services and products is our only business. Sword & Shield is a network security services company specializing in information assurance services and offering best-of-breed security products. Our partnerships with over twenty-five security product manufacturers and our comprehensive security consulting services guarantees you accurate responses to your most complex network security designs. Our sales engineers are prepared to assist IT managers and contracting officers in procuring security products that solve security problems. Our security engineers are highly skilled, certified, and experienced with government security in both classified and unclassified environments.

How to Obtain a Quote for Products and Services

A quote from Sword & Shield Federal for products and services can be obtained in one of four convenient ways.

  • Call toll free 1 (800) 860-0075 and speak to one of our sales associates
  • Email sewp-salesswordshieldcom
  • FAX: 865-244-3599
  • A request for quote feature is available from the SEWP BOWL at

How to Order

Products and services are furnished under this contract by issuance of firm fixed price delivery orders from any Government agency or authorized contractors performing work for a Government agency.

SEWP Delivery Orders must always be routed to the NASA SEWP BOWL address from the appropriate agency’s procurement office and should not be sent directly to Sword & Shield.

To insure prompt forwarding of orders please insure that all Delivery Orders include at least the following information

  • Date of order.
  • Contractor SEWP contract number.
  • Order Number (unique to the ordering Agency)
  • Appropriation and accounting data.
  • Contract Line Item Numbers for products and services
  • Product/Service description to be delivered
  • Complete delivery address and Point of Contact name and telephone number.
  • Delivery due dates and period of performance for services.
  • The firm fixed price of the order.
  • The ordering Agency billing address.
  • Signature of Order Contracting Officer.

Send orders and completed forms to:

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
SEWP BOWL Code 290.3
Building 28 Room W284
Greenbelt, MD 20771

Phone: (301) 286-1478 Or Fax order and completed forms to: (301) 286-0317

Or E-Mail PDF or Image Files to:


Note: All orders should be accompanied by the SEWP Fax Cover Sheet (PDF).

Under normal circumstances, the time between the receipt of a Delivery Order at the NASA SEWP BOWL and delivery to Sword & Shield is less than 1 business day.

How to Troubleshoot a Problematic Order

Our customer care representatives are committed to getting products deliver on time, to the right location, and invoiced correctly. Should a problem occur in an order contact our SEWP customer service representative at 1-800-810-1885 Press 1 or by email at sewp-helpswordshieldcom


Fee Percentage: 0.39%

NASA SEWP reserves the right to adjust all surcharge rates as the SEWP BOWL budget so requires.

How to Contact Sword & Shield Federal

Anna Mitchell, Program Manager:

Request for Quotes:

In Process Order Assistance:

Customer Support:

Sword & Shield is located at:

Sword & Shield Enterprise Security, Inc.
1431 Centerpoint Blvd. Suite 150
Knoxville, TN 37932-1984

Sword & Shield Federal Toll Free Sales and Support:

1 (800) 860-0075

Payment Information

Payment terms – Net 30 days from the date of Government receipt of invoice or date of acceptance, whichever is later.

By Mail

Sword & Shield Enterprise Security, Inc.
1431 Centerpoint Blvd.
Suite 150
Knoxville, TN 37932

By Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Sword & Shield point of contact for EFT is:

Susan Barnes, Controller
Telephone: 865-244-3566
FAX: 865-244-3599
Email smbswordshieldcom

Delivery Requirements

Delivery of products shall be in accordance with individual delivery orders issued under these contracts. Shipping to the address specified in each delivery order shall be within 30 calendar days or as otherwise agreed to by the contracting parties.

Additional delivery terms or schedules, such as expedited shipping or shipping to addresses, are negotiated between Sword & Shield and the ordering agency contracting officer.

Partial shipment and partial payments are allowed under the contract unless otherwise specified by the ordering contracting officer.

Installation, Basic Warranty, Extended Warranty, Technical Support, Software Support

Basic warranty offerings are specific to each manufacturer’ product.

Extended warranty can be purchased and begun anytime during the standard commercial warranty period. The extended warranty provides coverage for 12, 24 or 36 months after its initial start date, regardless of the commercial warranty period. The extended warranty coverage depends on the option purchased from the product manufacturer.

Each product manufacturer maintains a technical support team to assist with product problem reports on products under basic warranty and extended warranty and assist the user toward timely resolution of the reported problem. You are encouraged to contact us on weekdays from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST should you need our assistance with interfacing with the manufacturer’s support team. Please call our toll-free number, 1 (800) 860-0075 or email sewp-ordersswordshieldcom.