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As a result of some high-profile federal government data breaches, federal agencies have been charged with several sweeping mandates to secure their networks.

But the funding to back those mandates isn’t always forthcoming and the task to prioritize needs can be daunting.

Top Concerns of Agency CISOs

When the non-profit cyber security education and certification firm (ISC)² surveyed federal Chief Information Security Officers in 2016, the non-profit found three major concerns permeated through the results:

  1. Insider Threats: There are two types of insider threats: Active (Intentional) and Passive (Unintentional). The distinction is whether the perpetrator is willingly malicious or merely ignorant due to poor security programs of the organization. Sword & Shield Federal is the federal government’s go-to insider threats prevention partner, according to a recent Bloomberg Government report. Call us to find out how we can help you prevent insider threats.
  2. Resources: Federal agencies can be hindered by both budget slowdowns and personnel disruptions, which challenge agency CISOs’ abilities to both procure cybersecurity products and services while training staff to implement and use the procurement. We offer virtual Security & Compliance Consulting (vSCC), a Strategic Security Assessment and other services to help agency CISOs take stock of their current security posture. These are available on our two pre-competed Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts.
  3. Training: CISOs worry users who are ill-informed or poorly trained can create a work environment with a bad security posture. Sword & Shield Federal offers training programs that can be tailored to your agency’s needs.

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Our Commitment

Sword & Shield Federal has more than 20 years as an information security and compliance firm that partners with you to identify gaps and vulnerabilities then continues to work with your agency to achieve and maintain a secure environment.

Our depth and breadth of expertise in every aspect of our comprehensive portfolio of security services and our experience in federal cybersecurity procurement can help you identify the immediate actions your agency needs to protect itself from cybercrime based on your timeline, budget and scope.

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