Using Cybersecurity Services to Protect your Patients

John Grey of Murfreesboro Medical Clinic shares how Sword & Shield partners with his company’s healthcare security through penetration testing, network vulnerability scanning and phishing services.

In this customer testimonial video, John Grey of Murfreesboro Medical Clinic explains how Sword & Shield’s penetration testing, network vulnerability scanning, and phishing services help this healthcare clinic protect its patients.

Grey explains the decision to use Sword & Shield over other companies was based on the cybersecurity and compliance company’s ability to be flexible; flexibility with what the clinic could do in terms of the phishing campaigns, the ability to conduct the vulnerability scans quarterly for a software vendor, and pricing structure.

Grey says getting outsourced healthcare security assistance was necessary.

“The important thing for us is that we are a small department and have limited resources, so the third-party validation of what we’re doing is very very important,” says Grey. “That way we can focus our resources where we need to.”

Sword & Shield also compliments Murfreesboro Medical Clinic’s goals.

Grey explains, “Sword & Shield aligns with our goal and mission in protecting our patients’ information by making sure our network is secure, making sure we are doing all the training we need to do for our end users and making sure that they don’t fall victim to social engineering scams such as phishing or phone calls.”

Grey says the benefits of working with Sword & Shield are professionalism, reasonable pricing, and the company’s ability to customize its services to fit its customers’ organization.

Hear how Sword & Shield’s third party validation of the clinic’s healthcare security efforts and training of its people helps the clinic protect its patients.

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